Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wednesday Girls

On Wednesdays I have a class for a group of women whose talents are many and varied.
(you'll be pleased to know that their names have been changed to protect the innocent).
Pat has been working on my "Carpenter's Square" pattern - it's coming together nicely.
Pat's Carpenter's Square
Carpenter's Square consists of 4 large blocks that interlock to create an overall pattern; sort of like a
grecian knot. It looks quite modern considering the design is based on one from the 1800's.
Carpenter's Square - based on a pattern form the 1880's

Visit  for info. on the pattern

Lorraine is working on a quilt for a friend; It's not in her preferred pallet so the challenge is to enjoy the process and come up with something unique. It's not as easy as you might think.

colour pallet and centre block - Well done Lorraine

This is what we've got so far. There will be a border or two and repeating block pattern

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