Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dear Jane...

No it's not a letter; Dear Jane is the title of a book of patterns based on an civil war sampler quilt owned by the Bennington Museum, Vermont, USA.
The original quilt "In War Time" was completed by Jane A. Stickle in 1863 and is an encyclopedia of designs, techniques and fabrics. Not one is repeated. 
Janiacs all over the world have strived to replicate this masterpiece, enthralled by the miniature blocks that range from   3 1/2" to 5" in size. Each one is a treasure.
I have taught Dear Jane classes for a number of years now and have seen many variations of this famous quilt develope over the time. It is fantastic to see a student's skill level as well as artistic confidence build with a quilt such as "Jane"

Jane's tickled in Red - Lynne Windross 

"Jane's tickled in Red" by Lynne Windross is an amazing execution of an exceptional quilt.
Lynne chose 56 reds for her solid border cones and used these fabrics for the pieced blocks as well.
Many thanks to Lynne for allowing us to see her treasure again. 

A Dear Jane with contrast sashings and cones - the fabric is chocolate with a little white spot
Lucia's Quilt (thanks for letting me show this)
quilting Jane by hand

Last Saturday's "All Day Jane" class at Somerset Patchwork proved timely for many as the challenges were met and conquered. To piece or to applique, colour choice and piecing sequence are issues that come up often. How to organise a large, long term project such as Dear Jane or Nearly Insane are important issues that should be considered along the way. 
Planning the border


  1. Just beautiful. Haven't touched mine for at least twelve months. Maybe I'll revisit it over Christmas.

    1. They're wonderful aren't they? These ladies don't realise how clever they are.
      If you ever need some encouragement let me know