Thursday, 22 November 2012

Challenges in life...

Applique or more exactly it's execution is a subject that sends some of the Wednesday girls into a cold sweat. I like to look at it as a challenge to be conquered. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day!
Carol is working on her version of Barrington Court. It's a pattern by Susan Ambrose and has dozens of melon pips appliqued onto a gridded background.

Barrington Court - Susan Ambrose Designs

Carol's version is based on a pallet of mauve, pink and aqua; a stunning combination. In class we cut out the 144 background squares required for the next step and Carol's homework is to start on the prep of the melon pips.
Carol's Barrington Court - centre medallion
A sucker for punishment; I hear you say? Carol is using this quilt as practice for the next project.
Both she and Sue are lining up my "Best of Friends" pattern as the next quilt to be stitched.

Block No. 22
"Best of Friends - A Reverse Applique Sampler" is a quilt consisting of 32 different blocks that surround a larger central one. Yes, the technique used is reverse applique but this is no more difficult than any other applique. There are only two fabrics used instead of lots of bits and the trick of it all is in the preparation.
Said quilt is on its way back from the USA after being exhibited at the Houston Spring Quilt Festival.
Isn't it odd how "things" get to travel more than we do.


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