Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Wednesday Girls and the Dear Jane Exhibition

I am really looking forward to seeing my Wednesday Girls on the 6th of Feb. at
Somerset Patchwork in Mt Waverley. 
They're such a diverse bunch and there's always plenty of laughter.
If you are interested in joining a "sit and sew" group with tutor give the store a call on
03 9807 3399 for details.
Some of the Ladies are "Janiacs" (Yes that was Janiacs) and have entered their work
 into the upcoming Dear Jane Exhibition to be held at the Box Hill Town Hall next week.
A group of us are going on the Friday, to enjoy a feast of quilts made of miniature 4 1/2 " blocks.

It will be Spectacular to say the least!!

I remember ........

For those of you who ask "How long have you been sewing ?" the answer will be
"For as long as I can remember and then some."
 Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if I arrived on 07/01/19... with needle and thread in hand.
I loved cutting anything! In fact, when I was about 3 years old I decided that my doll needed a new dress from of my bed spread material and a hair cut to go with it.
Mum was not impressed.

a repair to some of my handy work
Sewing has always come naturally to me whether at the sewing machine or sewing by hand. My mum tells me that if I was ever unhappy when I was a kid I could be found sitting in her scrap box, in the linen press.
(Not much has changed really)
There were all sorts of treasures in there; cuttings leftover from ball gowns, bits from dresses, pajamas, and shirts, rolled up and tied with a selvedge scrap.
I'm not sure that they were really big enough to be used other than patching a worn through knee or seat but nothing was thrown away.
Fabrics are so tactile. I love to close my eyes and imagine what it looks like before that first glimpse.
The first idea of a velvet that springs to mind is that it is the deepest forest green. 
I remember having a"little coat" when I was 4;
 a hood, big green buttons down the front and dark green velvet trim on the collar, cuffs and pocket flaps, with a heavy satin for lining.
I would rub my cheek against the velvet as we walked to Kinder.    
I wish that I could say that I still have it but sadly, I think it's gone to scrap box heaven
along with a doll sporting a funky, asymmetric hair do .   

I love routine!

It seems to have been a very long time since I have had a regular routine and am starting to feel a bit ratty without one. The lad goes back to school this week, Mr. went back to work last week and very soon I will have the house to myself again.
Don't get me wrong, I love having them around but it's very frustrating when I can't get any of my work done.
Part of the problem there is that "Mums" still aren't thought of as part of the work force.
It is not understood that hours of employment aren't consistent and we are on call 24/7.
Everything else that we do has to fit around this. 
Having said that I would be a very sad person without the men in my life.  

Holiday achievements

I would be happy to say that my "A Stitch in Time- Romanesque" is finished but alas, no.
I reported that I needed to complete 20 little nine patches in total for the setting posts but I've miss-counted
I need 25; the aim is to finish these in the coming week.
Some quiet hand stitching in my "man free" house this week will fit the bill.

Still sewing these......hmmmm
The school holidays can be detrimental for my sewing but we've managed to get other things done that have been on the "to do" list.
We changed the Bedrooms/sewing room around and the lad now has a double bed.
He's very happy about this.
The single bed is now in my work room so this makes life easier for me too.
I've also gained a chest of drawers so all of my rulers, drafting stuff and templates have a real home.
The plan is to keep the top clear (that's the plan) so that I can have a little cutting/work station next to the sewing machine. I like the idea of that. It's a fantastic height!
Being organised makes one feel so much better.

The colour will need to be changed and the stickers won't budge without industrial strength got
 but that is just cosmetic.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Tools of the trade.....

Any skilled industry requires tools of the trade so it's always wise to buy the best you can afford and look after them as it will be an investment that will pay for itself in time.
When I go to a quilt show or market I look for tools to compliment what I do and that my 
local stores may not carry.
It may be a specific ruler or thimble; something that make the task more accurate/easier.
Something that I wish I had much, much earlier in my sewing career is a walking foot.

Walking foot for my Janome - the generic brands look similar to this as well
This machine foot has a mechanism that allows the pressure to be repositioned when sewing layers of fabric of different thickness or fabric with a pile and replaces your normal sewing attachment.
 A small arm rests on the needle clamp screw and as the needle rises and falls the arm causes a pad with teeth to pat the fabric. This stops the fabric from creeping forward unevenly.

Remove the general purpose sewing foot
Attaching the walking foot to
 It is important to fit it correctly before beginning to sew. Tighten screws and take the thread through to the back.

Make sure that the arm of the walking foot rest on the needle clamp screw
 A great tool for velvet or "quilt as you go" patchwork

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

It's not me after all.........

Mr Google has made some changes and this has effected "Internet Explorer" users 
and how they upload info onto their blogs.
Thanks to an astute Esther Aliu and her blog for solving my problem.
(I love Esther's blog - always has wonderful content) 
It's worth a look; lots of great sewing, recipes etc.

plain worn out!
After Christmas, New Year, Birthdays and excessive heat I think we all felt "over it"
Today is a catch up day for taking down  the chrissy decorations and cleaning up so my blogging will have to wait until this afternoon - enjoy the cooler temperature for those who can and stay safe to all

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Still can't do it.......

I've signed out, signed in , changed computers done it all again,
looked for answers in help (no help at all)
and now I dom't have any more ideas - not happy JAN!!

Help please..............

I need some assistance re. uploading photos to the blog from my computer.
After clicking on the "upload photo" button the screen for all of that comes up but the "Browse"
for the photos on the computer has disappeared.
The links for uploading from phone, web cam and URL are all there -
not what I need to do! 

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Very, Very hot

Every one has sweltered in yesterday's heat; I didn't even bother to take notice of the actual temperature.
We went to the flicks in the afternoon to see Wreckit Ralf and find some relief from the heat.
The air conditioning was working in the shopping centre but not in the theatre.
Spent an uncomfortable hour and a half
wondering if I would've been better off staying at home.
Too hot for sewing  , too hot for the beach and another 40 plus day forecast for Monday.
Sounds like today and tomorrow will be catchup on "house work and jobs" day.
 I'd much rather sew (stating the obvious). I've been eyeing off a few bits of fabric that I bought at Somerset.
(photo goes here but machine wont allow me to upload today!!!!!)

Where there's a will there's a way
They wont necessarily go into the same quilt but we'll see how things go. I only bought 30cm of the stripe because I don't have a project in mind. Shame because it is beautiful.  

Thursday, 3 January 2013


I have decided to cancel tomorrow's Seasonal Stitch due to a state wide
Total Fire Ban for Friday 4th of January.
  I apologize for any inconvenience but I feel that it is not worth the risk.

Next week’s Seasonal Stitch will go ahead as planned unless there is another total fire ban
(We may also be able to reschedule for another Friday if there is any interest)
If you were intending to come please leave a comment so that I know that the information has
been received.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A tall story......

Teacher says to child "Johny; why are you late for school? You should have been here 5 minutes ago!"
Johny replies "But Sir, my dog ate my bike seat."
Teacher "I've heard that excuse before; Detention after school"
"But Sir, It's true"
The story is just that, a story. However the fact remains that my dog did eat my bike seat today for goodness knows why 

ex-bike seat

This is Bella. She's a 13 month old English Setter. I understand that she still has some growing to do.
She has an extremely gentle nature unless you're a piece of old wood (black forest antique preferred),
broccoli or bike seats

Happy 20th Anniversary.......

Victorian Majolica cake plate - pineapple pattern -
love the texture!

Victorian Quilters Inc. is having its 20th birthday this year.
 To celebrate the event the guild has set the challenge to its members, past and present to make a quilt,
 no more than 1 metre square using a treasured china plate as inspiration.
A photograph is to accompany the application and the challenge will be judged at
Quilt Show Case in July at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre
Go to www.victorianquilters.org for more information 

Post as catch up............

Today I'm cleaning up my photo albums and catching up, my new year's resolution being to
keep on top of things! so.. here we go..

Best of Friends - A Reverse Applique Sampler

I have had the good fortune to be able to send a quilt to Houston this year.
That in itself is quite a thrill and nerve wracking to make sure that it travelled safely and stayed clean and presentable for hanging, as white does not always travel well.
It is great to have reassurance when you can't be there in person.
Many thanks to Margaret (Quilt Station), Jo. and Karen (Somerset) for taking the time to get some snaps of "Best of Friends" hanging by the Red Carpet, insitu. It is very much appreciated.
Thank you all.

Market/Festival Catalogue

At the start of December I was starting to get edgy for the return of said quilt and so, sent an email to request a tracking number.- there are stories of quilts that disappear into thin air. This is something that we all dread. Yes, you could make another one but it's just not the same.
My quilt was safely returned to Australia within 2 days of leaving the USA. Thank you to the
"White Glove" ladies, Quilts.com and Mr Fedex

Home safely - a well travelled quilt
  If you would like any information about  "Best of Friends" or would like to purchase the pattern please contact me via the comments section or email at