Saturday, 25 August 2012

A few of my favourite things

This little peg doll was a christmas gift a few years ago and she holds pride of place among my bits and pieces. She's seen better times I suppose but she has such a gentle and well loved personality about her.
Her blouse is made of ticking and the skirt, from a scrap of furnishing fabric. A cap of crazy patchwork adds character to her roughly painted face.
She sits on the shelf amongst a small collection of more modern peg dolls that we found at The Deepings in Tasmania.
It's strange that I've never named her. After all, if you consider that our extended family have all had special names it doesn't make sense that thislittle miss remains nameless.
Spring is on its way!
 This week we've had  some of the oddest weather; days that have hinted at the coming Spring and then more cold wet Winter just to remind us that we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. With two days of sunshine and mild temperatures my plum trees have quickly come into bud burst. Hopefully the wind hasn't done too much damage.
Amazing floor tiling!
Part of my header photo is a pic that I took when we were in Florence. This floor in Saint Maria Novella is more unusual in that it isn't made of tiny cosmati tile pieces but larger slices of monotone marble.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A little on "Jane"

Jane Stickle completed a quilt in 1863 which has become famous world wide through it's unveiling in a book called Plain and Fancy (Richard Cleveland) and also Brenda Papadakis' interpretation of the patterns.
It is a fabulous album of techniques and fabrics consisting of 169 small square blocks surrounded by a border of cones and alternating solid blocks.
The Australian Quilters Association is holding an exhibition of Dear Jane quilts in February 2013 at the Box Hill Town Hall in Melbourne,Victoria that I am really looking forward to.

AQA flyer for the exhibition
If I work really hard I might just be able to finish mine in time. There's nothing like an event to spur one on to finsh a project. Watch this space!!
My friend Lucia has recently finished hers and it looks fantastic I must say.

Lucia's Quilt (thanks for letting me show this)

I hope that mine comes up as nicely as this; an amazing piece of work. Lucia, you should be very proud of your quilt.

Monday, 13 August 2012

On the manner of chooks...

Beth, Lil and Denise (left to right)

We have had 3 chooks now for the last 12 months and I must say that they have much more complex personalities than I ever expected.
Lil has never been a brave girl and she certainly doesn't like having changes in her life. Nothing phases Denise on the other hand but she gets very upset if one of the other girls is in the nesting box.
Beth is Lil's "right hand wing" Where Beth goes, Lil is always close behind. Beth is the bravest of them all; she plays chicken with the dog and never flinches. I don't know if it will be her undoing!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Strong Quilt

This quilt began with a wonderful chunk of fabric purchased in a fit of retail therapy. I'm sure you've had moments where you need to buy something "just for you".
I liked it so much and didn't have a specific project in mind. Two metres might be enough for the feature of a quilt top but there is nothing worse than not having enough! What about a backing? hmmm; a fabulous whole cloth perhaps. I left the shop with enough for a backing, feeling very satisfied with my find.
A clean out of the stash cupboard revealed my acid greens. They looked so fresh sitting on top of the blue fabric; A project needed to be made straight away.
So with rotary cutter in hand, strips were cut and sewn together. In no time at all I had four big blocks that finished up like this.

Carpenter's Square
Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop in Monbulk stocks my pattern for this quilt. Enjoy!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Patterns on the go

Best of Friends - A Reverse Applique Sampler

Labyrinth Star

First Lady's Medallion

Stanford Cabin

    Carpenter's Square


A new addition to our household, Bella loves to eat any unsuspecting tissue boxes and my black patent leather shoes!