Sunday, 10 February 2013

New Year's Resolutions......

I've never been a big one for the Resolution thing.
It smacks of broken promises on mass and I find that a bit frightening.
I must confess though that I've fallen for a little something that so far is working very, very well.
Friends were discussing how this year was going to be a BIG year and if we were going to cope we'd have to be super organised.
( I am not super organised by any stretch of the imagination)
The theory that if every job that took about 5 minutes was to be tackled in that moment it would ease the backlog and even make a 30 minute task a 20 minute task. The possibilities appeared to be endless.
I reluctantly agreed to go along with it.
I am happy (and surprised) to report that my kitchen is cleaner, the house more tidy and more sewing has been completed than ever before!
Maybe there's hope for me yet

Oh Dear, Jane, Jane, Jane, Jane..........

Today is the first day of the Dear Jane Exhibition

A group of us (all Janiacs) went for a visit and were not disappointed.
It's surprising how many "mad" women there are in the world if this was anything to go by.
I've come home with a full memory card on the camera.
The skill range went from "a good, honest quilt" to those that you only read about in 
"The Quilting Masters' Gazette".
Chocolate sashings and borders, small and large cones, applique only,
rainbow setting stones and Jane's School House are just a sampling of  the the Stitchers' 
tweaks to this Historical quilt.

All Red with an interesting border!
Gentle aquas, greens and mauves
A mix of original blocks and Jane blocks for variety
Lovely binding
"Forty shades of grey" - the front
and the back

Jane's School House

Pam Hammer, President of the AQA
(Australian Quilters Association) was resplendent in her "Jane inspired apron"
Congratulations to AQA for putting on an interesting and  successful show.
(P.S. I have so many more photos a shame not to share - stay tuned for more on Dear Jane)

Summer School achievements..........

Summer School is always an enjoyable time. 
The atmosphere is relaxed and we tend to get through a great deal because the class runs for the whole day without interruptions.
This year we had 11 students who learnt my "quilt as you go" techniques with two quilts to choose from; 

Stanford Cabin and Cabin Carnevale.

There's always room for personal creativity within a quilt; after all you're the one who is doing the work.
Kacey has chosen pinks and lights for her "light side" and teals and purples/blacks for the dark.
She hasn't decided on a setting yet but has had a great time thinking about the possibilities!

Log Cabins have so many lay-out choices; there are plenty to choose from.
Last year Pat worked on Stanford Cabin. 
She settled on a bright batiks palette and "robbing Peter to pay Paul" setting. 
Her centres are family photos. Even her borders are "Quilt as you Go"
The wonderful thing is that each quilt made is unique.

Pat's completed masterpiece

the back is interesting too!
Looking forward to seeing her Cabin Carnevale in shades of mauve and cream.
Many thanks to both ladies for sharing their quilts with us

Friday, 8 February 2013

Ballet and Fashion..........

We've been to see The Ballet and Fashion Exhibition at the
National Gallery of Victoria recently.
It highlights the collaboration between designers and The Australian Ballet
Designers include Collette Dinigan, Akira Isagowa and Lacroix 
 I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Colette Dinnigan's signature style

Christian Lacroix

Amazing head gear from Richard Nylon Millinary

These garments were made from garden variety cotton muslin.

Great evening frock if you had the legs to go with it.
 And next door in the general gallery....

An 18th century"Etui"
 Designing costume for theatre isn't just about making a frock but coming up with something that 
conveys a story as well as behaving in a manner that doesn't hinder the performer.
There's quite a science behind it when you think about it.
Consider Curque De Soliel and the things that the performers have to do.
Their costumes have to be light, pliable, floaty and laundered easily.
Silk is "floaty" but not the most practical for the laundry.
(Not my laundry anyway!)

Friday, 1 February 2013

The things you see.....

Over the Christmas break I've spent a fair amount of time in the city - a birthday celebration at Movida, Ballet and Fashion Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria and  the
National Trust shop at Tasma Terrace, 5 Parliament Place; all worth a visit.
The entrance to Movida is off a lane way renowned for it's graffiti art and there are decorative doors, ornamental gargoyles and fancy pillars everywhere you turn.
There is even an Einstein on a bicycle at the top of one of the buildings opposite the city square.
The person who put it there is cerainly not scared of heights.

Last Friday as I came out of Tasma Terrace I noticed a lady on crutches, with her leg in one of those
moon boots.
My first thought was"That looks like it hurt"
and then
" She's doing very well to navigate the Blue stone paving!.
If the wind blows much harder the poor luv will go A over T".
She hailed the Taxi parked on the other side of the road for a lift to Hawthorn, to which he replied
" I have to make a wage , Lady".
An idiot could see that she would have no hope with public transport but I suppose this fellow was waiting for an executive type fair coming out of the Park Hyatt
(She took down the company's name and number and got a lift home with me)
Tasma Terrace and the National Trust buildings are beautiful and worth a visit. The gift shop has lots of lovely things to buy especially if you need something with an Australian flavour
I am very proud to say that they are now stocking my range of greeting and gift cards along with
Lavish in Balwyn East
B Inspired in Maling Rd, Canterbury.