Sunday, 12 May 2013

Oooh, I bought some material!!!

I've been such a good girl for such a long time; honest, I have.
(somehow it sounds like the person I am trying to convince is me)
I want to sew but I need to study more.
My fingers are itching to create something tactile.
 The compromise is to
 the fabric in preparation for the next project.
This is my reward for putting in some serious studying over the last few months.
the star of the show
 The floral is from the "Williamsburg, Virginia" range by Wyndham Fabrics
just a few more to compliment
If you are ever stuck for selecting fabrics to go with the main one you've chosen you can always
use the coloured dots that are printed on the selvedge as a reference.
At this stage I think that I'll go for an "old maid's ramble" type pattern with lots of scrap.

All Day Jane is here again

The next All Day Jane at Somerset Patchwork in Mt Waverley will be held on
 Saturday, 18th of May.
 Come one come all; stitch, chat, learn and be inspired by the story of Jane Stickle and her 
 quilt masterpiece.
Jane in progress
Call the store on 03 9807 3399 for details 

A Mother's day present..............

Mother's Day can be extremely commercial but I'm pleased to say that my gift today is something that I really needed.
New slippers YAY - not for canine consumption


Bella is now 18 months old is finally grown out of eating things that aren't food.
- (I wrote that bit 3 days too soon) -
 came home from school and she had chowed down on a scarf; and has developed a taste for
massage oil. I was not a happy girl.
 rang the Lord to tell him about his girl
Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth!

A Cool Bone

the cuboid is half way up on the left hand side

I have found the coolest bone in the body!
It looks exactly like it's name.
(baring in mind, I don't know a stitch of Latin so there could be others)
It's one of the bones that make up our foot.
So many bones to learn ,and if you don't know Latin there are some very strange names;
Greater Trochanter and Xyphoid just to name two.
At least Cuboid gives me a hint of what to look for!
Muscles are pretty much the same.
 I was asked the other day if a guy named Terry discovered
Teres Minor and Major.
This sounds plausible to the lay person but again it is more likely to do with Latin  

Mother's Day....

Dear Mum;
                   Today's the day that we celebrate our mothers and the tireless work that they do.
You've taught me so much throughout the years and I'm grateful for every moment that we've had together. You are my best friend and a sounding board when I need one. You listen to what I have to say without judging; gentle words of encouragement offered when needed. Thank you.   
Now that I'm older and a mum myself I appreciate even more your patience for the challenges that kids set for us, the wisdom behind "choosing your battles" and the importance of a sense of humour.
So today, sit back, put your feet up and enjoy your day.
Love your work,

Happy Mother's Day, Mum