Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I love Wednesdays

I'm sure that we've all got a favourite day of the week. For many it will be Friday, Saturday or Sunday but
mine has always been Wednesday. When I was a teenager it was because Wednesday was "Hump Day"; half way through the week and all down hill from here on.
Now that I'm older Wednesdays are set aside for patchwork classes. There's a great balance of stitching, socialising and challenges. My Wednesday girls come from all walks of life and we share stories, solve the world's problems and stitch. There are times when you will hear the confessions of a quilter's retail therapy,  or that a new grandchild is due. These things are the essence of patchwork and without them it wouldn't be half as much fun.
Today's "golden moment" is a story of a child busting to go to the loo. Mum suggests to the child that he should squeeze his cheeks; to hold on for just a little longer if he can. When she has the chance to glance his way from the driver's seat the child is sucking in the cheeks of his face in as hard as he possibly can.
Some of the Wednesday girls are working on Dear Jane. She can be an intense chore at times and I find that the best approach is to be gentle and organised. The idea is to enjoy the process and not promise a project of this size for special occasions that require a deadline. (This nearly always ends in tears). 

We are hoping to get a group together to see the
Dear Jane exhibition in February 2013. It will be fantastic to see a mass of these extraordinary quilts in the one place. Hats off to all of those who are entering their work to be exhibited. 

Kim's Centre grid

Meanwhile there are those who have just begun the journey. Kim has chosen subtle changes in her background that will form a gentle secondary design when complete.

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