Sunday, 11 May 2014

What's in the box, what's in the box.......

The other day we went to an Auction Day for collectibles and antiques.
There were boxes of crockery, cutlery (old and new)
wigs, fur coats, all sorts of antique and retro furniture and even 2 chicken incubators!
We spotted a brass wood/fire box that would suit our fireplace nicely and the bonus was that it was full of "stuff".
I can hear you say that I don't need any more but it was full to brimming with
sewing things.

Ship on the high seas.
 After a wipe down with some warm soapy water the wood box came up a treat.

A thrifty person has built a tray with dividers into the top of the box to house all those little bits and pieces that a seamstress needs.
The tray had needles and pins, a darning mushroom elastic, shoe laces, buttons, hooks and eyes,
press studs and small scissors.

Underneath were wools and partly knitted jumpers, velvet cushion kits,

crocheted motifs, upholstery needles and a whole lot more.

A half finished tapestry as well as the magnifying glass.

Well kept pinking sheers and pins in mint condition

Alexander Beetle could 've lived in here
The local kinder is now restocked with wool, the charity shop has a couple of kits and tapestries and I'm the proud owner of a very serviceable wood box and various sundry sewing items.
I think we've all done pretty well.

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