Monday, 19 May 2014

Of Scissors.................

Any dressmaker worth their salt will tell you that there are 
material scissors
 and the paper scissors;  the ones that are used for everything else.
As tools of the trade a pair of scissors is well taken care of and anyone caught misusing said tool does so at their own peril.
In my home the rules are simple
*Scissors with plastic handles and those that are in the stein on the desk
(another collection - pens and pencils)
are OK to be used for paper, tape, eyebrows, and fuse wire.
*Kitchen scissors for meat
* left handed people must use the left handed scissors
(rule for the lad)
*Scissors that are in the sewing room are there for a very good reason - 

My favorite pair are the ones on the right. I actually bought them in 
Victoria St, Richmond at an Asian grocer.
They're chicken scissors really but they are beautifully balanced and cut right down to the point.
The red handled ones are my serrated dress maker's, there's a pair of pinking sheers, scissors from my high school days and an antique pair of

I inherited these when my Nanna passed away in the late  1980's.
they still have a keen blade, having been well looked after for the best part of a century 

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