Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy Mothers Day to All....

I've had a very cruisy day so far.
 Apart from the things that just have to be done I've been able to put my feet up and be
 spoiled rotten.
 The Lord and Lad presented me with a breakfast of
 Toasted Panettone fingers,
Omelette on Sour dough
sliced apple and banana,
followed by a fresh cuppa made from leaf tea in my favorite Dunoon cup

It beats the dry raisin toast, boiled egg and an apple any day.
I believe that for lunch we're dining on Veal with Marsala/Cream reduction and roasted vegetables.
(Sorry - no pick here - I forgot the camera)
This afternoon I'm being pampered some more with a fragrant bath , massage and facial.
To all of the mums out there whether you be of the biological kind or someone who takes on a mothering role
Bless You
Have a wonderful and deserving celebration

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