Monday, 19 May 2014

A collector of "Things".................................

I don't really know what the difference between a collector and a hoarder is.
 Some would say that the only real difference is that a collector is a bit more organised, categorizing possessions into groups. 
Probably it's all in the eye of the beholder as to which term is used.
I didn't see myself as a collector until recently when I started to sort the kitchen drawers and came across the wooden spoons that weren't in the utensil jar.
 I think at the time I pulled out the spares and put them aside so that there was breathing space for the other spoons, ladles, whisks, spatulas etc. The list goes on.
 (Our household is a foody household; the Lord has a background in the hospitality industry)
As I got more caught up with the sorting I saw collections of stuff, all very important and useful and very little of which I would be happy to be parted from.
There were the wooden spoons, ( and yes, I do have a favorite strangely enough)

these are the extras

Knives in blocks

there are more Special ones (japanese steel) in their boxes

Utensil jar

A spatula and whisk for every occasion

Cook books

the basic ones are mine; Andrew is more "Silver Spoon and Culinaria"

more cook books

ran out of room in the Cook Book bookcase

Travel books

where happy dreams are made

special tins  

Each Arnott's truck has a different number plate for the year that it was released - there's a few different models up in the bedroom cupboard

and then there's the bears, prints and last but not least, fabric.
My fabric is more catergorised than anything else in our home and I could tell you with a
98% accuracy where you would find the silk dupion, dress cottons, the stash from mum
 (kept for sentimental reasons just as much as anything else) or the retro/repro fabric.
Oh, I almost forgot

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