Friday, 23 May 2014

Of Fascia............

In my other life I'm a Remedial Massage Therapist. 
I developed an interest in the field after breaking a shoulder and having to do all the rehab. 
As a result I have a "special interest" in arm, hand and upper Thoracic issues.
The bonus of this for the client is that I actually know what it feels like and know the hard yards that have to be put in for optimal recovery.
Having said that a massage treatment doesn't have to be area specific; nor does it have to feel like you've been ten rounds with the rolling pin.
I like to think of my massage style as what I expect of a handshake, 
firm with intent but gentle, not the wet lettuce leaf variety.

My office
                        I'm based at Elgar Rd Chiropractic Centre
                 on Thursdays and Saturdays if anyone is interested.
Elgar Rd Chiropractic Centre,
645 Elgar Rd, Mont Albert North,3129

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