Monday, 15 April 2013


As promised I've checked the blog stats and guess what - you've all excelled
This puts me in an odd position of not being able to fulfil my promise.
As of a few moments ago we've well and truly passed the 3000 mark and are zooming towards
The problem is this;
No one has left a comment so that I can reward them with a  gift as promised
what's a girl to do?


  1. Don't be surprised. I have found that there are fewer comments being left on my blog. I think there are so many blogs to read now, so a lot of us are just reading and moving to the next one. Love your little pup :-)

  2. thanks for your input HCQ. being fairly new to the blogosphere means that I'm still catching up with how it all works.
    The little pup is about 5 years old from memory. I met her and her human at a local market. Very stylish!