Sunday, 14 April 2013

On the Cleverness of Chooks

I'm not really sure if you could call chooks clever. 
They do some pretty clever things though and have individual personalities just as humans do.
My three ladies cover the whole spectrum and all have traits that I know that I and my friends have. 
They are very self conscious for a start. Each time one of them malts the pecking order changes and the alpha chook becomes insecure and moody.
Meet Big Denise - she's not so big at the moment and is not looking her best at all.

not a happy girl

It's as if she pressed the self eject button and half of her feathers have gone, overnight. She's holding out on the eggs too.
Usually self assured and the best layer to boot; she's easy going and not troubled by bullies but they also know to keep out of her way.

having a good hair day

Denise's preferred food is freshly picked leaves of this weed that grows in the back yard. 

The leaves are about an inch or bigger at the tip with a jagged edge
. Denise turns the leaf around in her beak so that the stem/ narrow end will go down her throat first.
Very clever, I'd say.

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