Saturday, 5 January 2013

Very, Very hot

Every one has sweltered in yesterday's heat; I didn't even bother to take notice of the actual temperature.
We went to the flicks in the afternoon to see Wreckit Ralf and find some relief from the heat.
The air conditioning was working in the shopping centre but not in the theatre.
Spent an uncomfortable hour and a half
wondering if I would've been better off staying at home.
Too hot for sewing  , too hot for the beach and another 40 plus day forecast for Monday.
Sounds like today and tomorrow will be catchup on "house work and jobs" day.
 I'd much rather sew (stating the obvious). I've been eyeing off a few bits of fabric that I bought at Somerset.
(photo goes here but machine wont allow me to upload today!!!!!)

Where there's a will there's a way
They wont necessarily go into the same quilt but we'll see how things go. I only bought 30cm of the stripe because I don't have a project in mind. Shame because it is beautiful.  

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