Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Tools of the trade.....

Any skilled industry requires tools of the trade so it's always wise to buy the best you can afford and look after them as it will be an investment that will pay for itself in time.
When I go to a quilt show or market I look for tools to compliment what I do and that my 
local stores may not carry.
It may be a specific ruler or thimble; something that make the task more accurate/easier.
Something that I wish I had much, much earlier in my sewing career is a walking foot.

Walking foot for my Janome - the generic brands look similar to this as well
This machine foot has a mechanism that allows the pressure to be repositioned when sewing layers of fabric of different thickness or fabric with a pile and replaces your normal sewing attachment.
 A small arm rests on the needle clamp screw and as the needle rises and falls the arm causes a pad with teeth to pat the fabric. This stops the fabric from creeping forward unevenly.

Remove the general purpose sewing foot
Attaching the walking foot to
 It is important to fit it correctly before beginning to sew. Tighten screws and take the thread through to the back.

Make sure that the arm of the walking foot rest on the needle clamp screw
 A great tool for velvet or "quilt as you go" patchwork


  1. Hi Linda,
    Thank you for your comment. I love the log cabin project and I am so glad that I attended your class. Having so much fun matching up fabrics and it's nice to know that if they don't look the best, they will just blend into the quilt. Thanking you for sharing your quilt.

    1. It was a fantastic class; lots of new friends who will have their very own interpretation of "Stanford Cabin". Well done!