Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I remember ........

For those of you who ask "How long have you been sewing ?" the answer will be
"For as long as I can remember and then some."
 Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if I arrived on 07/01/19... with needle and thread in hand.
I loved cutting anything! In fact, when I was about 3 years old I decided that my doll needed a new dress from of my bed spread material and a hair cut to go with it.
Mum was not impressed.

a repair to some of my handy work
Sewing has always come naturally to me whether at the sewing machine or sewing by hand. My mum tells me that if I was ever unhappy when I was a kid I could be found sitting in her scrap box, in the linen press.
(Not much has changed really)
There were all sorts of treasures in there; cuttings leftover from ball gowns, bits from dresses, pajamas, and shirts, rolled up and tied with a selvedge scrap.
I'm not sure that they were really big enough to be used other than patching a worn through knee or seat but nothing was thrown away.
Fabrics are so tactile. I love to close my eyes and imagine what it looks like before that first glimpse.
The first idea of a velvet that springs to mind is that it is the deepest forest green. 
I remember having a"little coat" when I was 4;
 a hood, big green buttons down the front and dark green velvet trim on the collar, cuffs and pocket flaps, with a heavy satin for lining.
I would rub my cheek against the velvet as we walked to Kinder.    
I wish that I could say that I still have it but sadly, I think it's gone to scrap box heaven
along with a doll sporting a funky, asymmetric hair do .   

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