Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Holiday achievements

I would be happy to say that my "A Stitch in Time- Romanesque" is finished but alas, no.
I reported that I needed to complete 20 little nine patches in total for the setting posts but I've miss-counted
I need 25; the aim is to finish these in the coming week.
Some quiet hand stitching in my "man free" house this week will fit the bill.

Still sewing these......hmmmm
The school holidays can be detrimental for my sewing but we've managed to get other things done that have been on the "to do" list.
We changed the Bedrooms/sewing room around and the lad now has a double bed.
He's very happy about this.
The single bed is now in my work room so this makes life easier for me too.
I've also gained a chest of drawers so all of my rulers, drafting stuff and templates have a real home.
The plan is to keep the top clear (that's the plan) so that I can have a little cutting/work station next to the sewing machine. I like the idea of that. It's a fantastic height!
Being organised makes one feel so much better.

The colour will need to be changed and the stickers won't budge without industrial strength got
 but that is just cosmetic.

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