Friday, 1 February 2013

The things you see.....

Over the Christmas break I've spent a fair amount of time in the city - a birthday celebration at Movida, Ballet and Fashion Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria and  the
National Trust shop at Tasma Terrace, 5 Parliament Place; all worth a visit.
The entrance to Movida is off a lane way renowned for it's graffiti art and there are decorative doors, ornamental gargoyles and fancy pillars everywhere you turn.
There is even an Einstein on a bicycle at the top of one of the buildings opposite the city square.
The person who put it there is cerainly not scared of heights.

Last Friday as I came out of Tasma Terrace I noticed a lady on crutches, with her leg in one of those
moon boots.
My first thought was"That looks like it hurt"
and then
" She's doing very well to navigate the Blue stone paving!.
If the wind blows much harder the poor luv will go A over T".
She hailed the Taxi parked on the other side of the road for a lift to Hawthorn, to which he replied
" I have to make a wage , Lady".
An idiot could see that she would have no hope with public transport but I suppose this fellow was waiting for an executive type fair coming out of the Park Hyatt
(She took down the company's name and number and got a lift home with me)
Tasma Terrace and the National Trust buildings are beautiful and worth a visit. The gift shop has lots of lovely things to buy especially if you need something with an Australian flavour
I am very proud to say that they are now stocking my range of greeting and gift cards along with
Lavish in Balwyn East
B Inspired in Maling Rd, Canterbury.


  1. well done, and good on you for giving her a lift.

    1. Once in a while we all need a "lift". It was my turn to help the Karma Fairy out.