Friday, 8 February 2013

Ballet and Fashion..........

We've been to see The Ballet and Fashion Exhibition at the
National Gallery of Victoria recently.
It highlights the collaboration between designers and The Australian Ballet
Designers include Collette Dinigan, Akira Isagowa and Lacroix 
 I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Colette Dinnigan's signature style

Christian Lacroix

Amazing head gear from Richard Nylon Millinary

These garments were made from garden variety cotton muslin.

Great evening frock if you had the legs to go with it.
 And next door in the general gallery....

An 18th century"Etui"
 Designing costume for theatre isn't just about making a frock but coming up with something that 
conveys a story as well as behaving in a manner that doesn't hinder the performer.
There's quite a science behind it when you think about it.
Consider Curque De Soliel and the things that the performers have to do.
Their costumes have to be light, pliable, floaty and laundered easily.
Silk is "floaty" but not the most practical for the laundry.
(Not my laundry anyway!)

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