Sunday, 10 February 2013

Summer School achievements..........

Summer School is always an enjoyable time. 
The atmosphere is relaxed and we tend to get through a great deal because the class runs for the whole day without interruptions.
This year we had 11 students who learnt my "quilt as you go" techniques with two quilts to choose from; 

Stanford Cabin and Cabin Carnevale.

There's always room for personal creativity within a quilt; after all you're the one who is doing the work.
Kacey has chosen pinks and lights for her "light side" and teals and purples/blacks for the dark.
She hasn't decided on a setting yet but has had a great time thinking about the possibilities!

Log Cabins have so many lay-out choices; there are plenty to choose from.
Last year Pat worked on Stanford Cabin. 
She settled on a bright batiks palette and "robbing Peter to pay Paul" setting. 
Her centres are family photos. Even her borders are "Quilt as you Go"
The wonderful thing is that each quilt made is unique.

Pat's completed masterpiece

the back is interesting too!
Looking forward to seeing her Cabin Carnevale in shades of mauve and cream.
Many thanks to both ladies for sharing their quilts with us

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