Saturday, 29 December 2012

Neccessity is the mother of invention..............

When I was growing up all of our threads for the sewing machine were in a large plastic bag;
 always tangled, like spaghetti and you could never tell if you had the required colour or half a dozen of the same one. It drove me nuts!
When I had my own machine I started off the same way; then one day I found a hammer, nails and the bottom of an old drawer, drew a grid on it and hammered nails into the grid markings.
I snipped the nail heads off and 30 years later I still use it every day. Like they say "if something works...."

I think that a person with a creative mind can solve any problem that presents itself. It may not be
"text book" but more likely a practical solution to a challenge.
One of the Wednesday girls does a lot of hand stitching and likes to be very organised.
Having had no luck with finding a carry-all that suited her needs, she decided to modify the
shoebox that she had been using.

It's amazing what 2 bits of wood can do

Nails hold the wooden dividers in place

It just goes to show that "clever" has any number of interpretations!

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