Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Getting with the Christmas Spirit...

At this time of year it's always worth going for a drive around the streets to view the spectacular light shows.
You will see Santas on ladders,stuck in trees, black boots sticking out of chimneys, fairy lights cascading off roof gutters and gigantic snow men.
There's pretty, hilarious and over the top. The best part is that it is done each year  and gives the community a sense of belonging and joy.
The lad next door has always dressed his grandma's house in flashing sparkles and although she is no longer with us he continues the tradition.

There's even room in the Christmas Spirit for humour.
A little way from here is a street lined with trees sporting large 
red bows. The decorator of these trees has taken the size of
bow to tree ratio into consideration and completed their task accordingly.
One of my friends always pops a christmas card in in the letter boxes of the decorated houses, thanking the occupants for their efforts. It's a lovely thing to do; letting people know that they are appreciated is true Christmas spirit.


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