Monday, 10 December 2012

I bought something........

Actually, I've made a few purchases over the last few days.
Some things were on a whim, others for Christmas presents and finally birthday presents for some special Capricorn people (no; not me)
The Whim..
I know you wouldn't be able to guess so let's get to the chase.
I saw these at the counter as I was paying for other stuff and decided that they were just the thing I needed.

Silk Worms
These chaps are soothing to watch, easy to feed and are very quiet,compared to dogs and chooks.
They shed their skins 5 times before they are fully grown and are voracious, noisy eaters. 
We have a Mulberry tree in our back yard so their dietary requirements aren't a problem.
It can take up to 1600 yards (about 1520 metres) of silk filament to spin a cocoon.

The beginnings of a cocoon
The Silk worm gets a bit creative with its spinning at the start and forms a kind of hammock or frame work that it then cuddles into. The job is then finished off from the inside. In a few weeks it will emerge in a totally different form; ready for action!! 

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