Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Cabin Carnivale

I finally have some sewing pics for those of you who have extremely patient with me.
No excuses for tardiness, partying etc.



For Summer School this year I was aiming for a look that is light and summery.
These three blocks are made from fabrics in the Liberty Lifestyle Range and use a "Quilt as You Go" method. The Batting is a summer weight one called "Quilt Light"
 You can make all sorts of patterns with log cabin blocks; this is just one version, called streak of lightning.
Usually you see the zig zags run vertically on the quilt.

working on the lay out
Cabin Carnivale
 This is the summer school blurb for the class; feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Log Cabin – Quilt As You Go      © Linda Bear 2012
Log cabins and “Quilt as you Go” technique have been around for a very long time
Choose between half cabin “Cabin Carnivale” or traditional “Stanford Cabin” and learn how this method has come of age.
N.B. Fat quarters and precut strips of fabric are not suitable for either quilt

Cabin Carnivale
Main Contrast (white)              3.0m            Floral No.1 (red/top and base) 1.5m
Floral No.2                               1.2m            Floral No.3                               1.2m
Batting (Quilt Light)                3.5m            Backing Fabric                         5.2m
Machine in good working order           Walking Foot
Spare machine needles/Scissors            general sewing supplies
Matching thread                                     Fabric Glue stick
Soft leaded pencil for marking              Templastic
Rotary cutter, mat and ruler (the longer the better)

***If you wish to cut before class:
36 x backing and batting squares 13” x 13” are required
Backing Fabric: Take a 4m piece from the backing fabric length and trim selvedge from one side
 Cut 3 strips of fabric 13” wide along the length and then cross cut into 13”squares
Batting (Quilt Light)
Across the width of the batting (selvedge to selvedge) cut 4 strips, 4 ½” wide. Join into pairs with a 45˚ angle seam and set aside for borders.
Cut 9 strips, 13” wide across the width and then cross cut into 13” squares

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