Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Plan.........

I've had a self imposed week off to re-evaluate, sort, catch up
and generally have a rest from books before it starts all over again at the end of July.
Yesterday I even went to the football and cheered on Essendon.
 Young Joe Daniher, who is a mere 202cm in height, played his 2nd AFL game and shows great promise in his football career.As part of the re-evaluation process I have decided to formulate
 "THE PLAN"    
a mix of stretching and strengthening exercises, smarter diet, and a timetable that leaves
for me as well as the books.
The plan has to wait for a little longer -
I woke up this morning and am unable to stand up straight.
My lower back is telling me that it needs more than a week.
It's a bit sad really.
I can't sit unless I'm bent over the back of the couch, any forward motion is painful and lying in
bed is boring and unproductive.
Oh well, back to the ice packs!

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