Sunday, 13 July 2014

Back to the knitting..........................

I've decided once again that knitting is just not my thing.
I've done a little bit more and have one bed sock finished but I have no inclination to do the other one at the moment.
 I don't like half finished projects however where knitting is concerned I can quite easily
find more pressing things to do.........
Maybe some pics on the blog will inspire me to do the other sock -worth a try!!

So, this is how it begins.
With size 10 needles cast on 40 stitches.
I know that I have more here but I was working on the idea that these would be for the lad
(long narrow foot)
Knit seven rows of rib stitch (knit 1, pearl 1. The alternate row will be pearl1, knit 1).
Row 8 = knit row on size 8 needles and increase on every second stitch to achieve 80.
Knit 50 rows and then decrease every second stitch so that you are back to 40.
Knit 7 rows in rib on the size 10 needles as before and then cast off. Leave a long tail of yarn for sewing the seam
Job done
Once you've finished fold the knitted piece in half stitch the ribbed edges together all the
way down to the folded edge of the sock.
(It looks a bit like a banana)

There will be a gap in the end of a longish bent tube. This is where you put your foot in.
The  idea of the shape is that the sock will come quite high up the back of your leg and wont walk/slip off in the middle of the night.
Here's the rub..........
Yes it was a good idea to increase the original number of stitches from 40 to 45 for a longer foot.
I did not expand on the thought process however. I should have also increased the number of knit rows by 5 or six because as much as the sock is the correct length it is not wide enough for the lad's foot.
I am not pleased. Those of you who know me well will also know how much I loath unpicking.
This extends to knitting too!
So, I'm stuck with one banana sock that's way too long for me and way too narrow for the lad.
That is also not addressing the fact that there is still only one.

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