Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Idle hands............

Last year I didn't do a great deal of sewing.
With all of the study going on the last thing that I felt I needed was mess in the house. We don't have a great deal of room as it is.
I missed it sooo much.
I would buy a little and play a lot and then pack it all away again.
 I think I drove everyone in the household a bit crazy; I wasn't happy not being able to sew the way I have all my life.
In the end I picked up a counted cross stitch project that I purchased at the Sydney quilt show a couple of years ago.
It is a challenge to my eye sight but it fits the bill.
Easy to pick up, pack up and I can zone out when I stitch.
It's a beautiful piece based on Quaker heritage in red and faun hues.
I'm about half way through and am looking forward to having it on our wall.

Half way there

 As far as the counting of threads goes I must say that I am getting better
 (just typed batter! - ironic)
with practice.
However, I've decided that before I start the next one I will make a greater effort at the prep stage
 and include a few more grid guidelines with cotton instead of the usual
 one horizontal and one vertical

I love the monochromatic colour scheme of these - "less is more"

Cover page of the Cross stitch

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