Monday, 7 April 2014

And then there were two..............

About half way through the year we had a visit from "Mr Fox".
He made a meal of Beth, took chunks out of Denise who stayed to protect and Lil
 - well -
 she bailed and left the others to deal with it.
(Lil is the only one who still naturally has her fighting spurs)
So, picture this -
3.45am on a very frosty morning, 3 people strolling around a back yard looking for
leftover chooks to re-house.
I did expect Big Denise to die from shock so had planned to offload Lil when this happened however Denise is such a trouper that she recovered exceptionally well and so Lil is still with us too.
Beth , a Buff Sussex - very gentle personality.

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