Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Strong Quilt

This quilt began with a wonderful chunk of fabric purchased in a fit of retail therapy. I'm sure you've had moments where you need to buy something "just for you".
I liked it so much and didn't have a specific project in mind. Two metres might be enough for the feature of a quilt top but there is nothing worse than not having enough! What about a backing? hmmm; a fabulous whole cloth perhaps. I left the shop with enough for a backing, feeling very satisfied with my find.
A clean out of the stash cupboard revealed my acid greens. They looked so fresh sitting on top of the blue fabric; A project needed to be made straight away.
So with rotary cutter in hand, strips were cut and sewn together. In no time at all I had four big blocks that finished up like this.

Carpenter's Square
Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop in Monbulk stocks my pattern for this quilt. Enjoy!

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